What was for the girls compression top designed for?

For The Girls Compression Top was designed for use ANYTIME your "Girls" need support, day or night.

Some more specific examples are......

  • When you are experiencing ANY changes in your chest ​​and /or armpit area (surgery, radiation, expanders, implants, swelling, Lymphedema, treatments, etc).
  • When you are healing and need to decrease swelling.
  • When you are going through treatment for Breast Cancer, Lymphedema or Breast Augmentations.
  • When you are increasing or changing your activity level and need to assist your body on accommodating to it (exercise, airplanes, spring cleaning, moving, etc).
  • When you are experiencing Blocked Ducts, Mastitis, currently Breast Feeding or trying to wean.
  • When you just want to look extra cute and stylish!

These are ​"real girls" doing "real things" in their FTG Tops.

Send us a picture of you in your For the Girls Compression Top, and we'll add it here and/or Facebook page. 

You can email images to ftgtop@yahoo.com or send us a facebook message with your photos.